YoWorld Hack


For years YoWorld (what was formally named YoVille) has been attempting to patch numerous exploits in their flashscript code. Many times this has been successful, but lucky for you, probably not this time.

Back in the good old days of YoVille, you had the ability to edit and manipulate incoming and outgoing packets through a packet editor like WPE Pro or HxD. These programs allowed you to edit values in game and generate coins, items and unreleased clothing. Until recently this was all possible, but not anymore.

Once Big Viking Games bought out YoVille from Zynga, they decided to implement server side cron jobs to evaluate whether or not values have changed and if the server authenticated the changes. So when a hexadecimal value is edited through a program like WPE Pro or HxD on YoWorld, the server changes the value back to it’s original value if the server authentication code isn’t fired. Basically, put into very short term, it’s going to be close to impossible to edit values on YoWorld through packet editors/hex editors.

But not to worry, there’s a new era of YoWorld hacks out there, and they’re available right now. So for the lucky ones viewing this article, I’d take your opportunity while you still can.

https://yoworldhack.com/ is the first website of it’s kind, optimized for mobile, desktop and tablet use. It works by SQL injecting vulnerable links that we’ve retrieved from the game server itself, that way you can directly query values into the database without cron jobs checking to see if a value is changed. Since our YoWorld hack doesn’t require you to be on your YoWorld account during use, the cron jobs will not affect you – because they cannot see if a value is changed if the player isn’t online. How non-efficient would it be if YoWorld checked millions of users accounts to see if data has changed? Let me answer that by saying VERY inefficient.

Because they’re unable to check millions of accounts, I presume this hack will work for a very long time. That’s until the website gains popularity and becomes too laggy for everybody to use (we don’t have the best web host at the moment. And because we’re firing individual php scripts every time a user hacks yoworld, it can become a tab bit laggy).

Our website is absolutely free to use. But please, do not use it too much. Check out the website for more details regarding the new YoWorld Hack.

Blinded By Passion


blind love

Passion is a wonderful thing to have. It is the very motivation that drives us to perform the tasks we carry every single day. It provides us with the willpower to achieve some of the greatest feats that would otherwise be difficult to accomplish.

But what if I told you that it is completely possible to be blinded by passion? That, for many years, you too can be held victim to your greatest desires and ambition.

Let’s rewind a little and go back to my teenage years. I was careless, I didn’t have much regard for any other living creature. No, I was simply living my life alongside of billions of other organisms. It wasn’t my job to care about everybody else, so why would I, right?

Life was great though. I had a job, I had a girlfriend, I had a great family, I had everything! A life which many others would be very envious over, and the thing is, I wouldn’t blame a soul for being so. In retrospect it was almost too easy, the challenge was absent, it was nothing more than smooth sailing. The unfortunate thing about that, however, is the factual evidence that everything that goes up must come down. This simple rule of physics can apply to many different areas of life, I’d like to think Isaac Newton was talking about more than just physical objects when he invented the Third Law.

My ultimate passion wasn’t in a sport – even though I professionally ski. Hell, it was barely into computers, and I’m the most technically inclined person I know. It wasn’t even into cars (not at the time anyway), it definitely wasn’t into drugs. The answer might surprise you dramatically, or more realistically, it may even open your eyes.

My passion, my drive, my very existence was invested and dedicated to a girl.

Oh, did she light up my world. Her presence was enough to lighten my mood. It was impossible to be mad around her, I was sheathed in nothing but her love, I thought everything was apparent. Like I had been in a coma and opened up my eyes once again. As if, whatever I was seeing before, it was a lie. The views I had grown accustom to had vanished, they were replaced with what I believed was correct.

Not at any point in time did I think my passion in loving her was a bad thing; I embraced it. I didn’t see anything wrong with it. It was fulfilling to know that there was somebody else out there with the same intentions, same morals, same viewpoints and the same amount of love to offer me, just as I offer her. Comforting would be the perfect word to describe the feelings of having her in my life, as though I had found The One. I thought I solved it all, but I was wrong!

Months had passed since she first broke up with me and left to study abroad. I was heartbroken, and even more shocked by the fact that someone could claim to love you and portray what they originally claim are their true feelings in another fashion.  There was nothing I could do but attempt to salvage whatever was left of me when she had gone. What I grew to know was gone, what I worked so hard for slipped out of my hands like dry sand. And the worst part is, I held myself accountable for it.

Truth of the matter is, I had it all coming. I blatantly accepted failure the moment I asked her out on the first date.  My family warned me about the things I couldn’t see in this girl. My friends warned me about her tendencies, but it seemed to go in one ear and out the other. I was oblivion to what anybody else had to say about MY relationship.

When the heart is louder than the voices of reason, it is then that you evaluate what is reason and what is true love. Vision doesn’t always correlate to the the natural ability to see, rather, it is a tool we utilize to perceive a situation in our own unique way, which differs from one person to the next. Passion can be a very deadly thing, especially if you’re blinded by it.